Lexus Altezza Carbon Dash Decal TRD


Lexus Altezza Carbon Dash Decal TRD


Lexus Altezza Carbon Dash Decal TRD

Carbon Fiber Dash/Cluster Wrap Installation
Suits: Lexus IS200 (GXE-10), IS300 (JCE-10), Altezza (SXE-10) Manual & Auto’s

Please read all instructions before starting. Installing the Dash Decal does NOT require the removal of the Steering Wheel airbag. If you plan to unplug the Airbag please disconnect the battery and turn on your head lights, (This will drain the remaining the power from the car)
Tools Needed: Phillips Head Screw Driver

1. Drop Steering Wheel to the lowest point.
2. Remove the Phillips head screws which hold the surround.
3. Remove the fascia with medium pressure directly towards you (the dash fascia will pop out.)
4. Unplug the light dimmer if you have one!
5. Remove the screws holding the dash.
6. Remove the cluster and unplug the plugs on the back.
Unclip the clear cover by pushing in the tabs on the side. Try not to touch the clear plastic as it adds another step at the end and it is hard to clean.
7. Once the clear plastic is off pull the centre needle firmly and slowly (store in a safe place.)
Now, the decal has been designed to be a tight fit and is a bit fiddly but is worth it when done right.

8. Remove the backing paper from the Dash Decal.
a. Line the decal up from bottom smallest hole with the Tacho/Speedo stopper and line up the gauge cutouts. Lower left corner down first and press the remaining part of the decal in place.
b. PLEASE NOTE – If you do not place the lower corner correctly you can lift it back up and reposition the decal. If you have let the whole decal touch the face you will most likely not be able to reposition the decal.

9. Once the decal is stuck on you can put back together by reversing these steps.
As a result the needle will show inaccurate speeds due to dragging on the dash face.
Please leave a 1mm Gap


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